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Take a virtual walk in the city of Edo on "TOKYO Kochizu" and rediscover Tokyo!!

"TOKYO Kochizu" is a navigation-style iPhone App of the Edo that takes you to the city's historical sites.

Linked with GPS, TOKYO Kochizu allows you to locate yourself on the map of Edo (limited only within the certain areas in Tokyo) . By comparing the past and the present of the location the user can see the atmosphere of the Edo period and its change.

The "footprint" feature allows you to leave pictures of the sites on Kochizu map, you can also make a photo album linked to the sites. The App also includes historical guide and trivia on the each site.

Main Features

GPS-installed map

"Location" shows the current location on the Kochizu map (limited within the certain areas in Tokyo)
"Tokyo" button switches to current location on google map
TOKYO Kochizu helps you to interpret historical and geographical aspects of Edo period


Find sites near current location

The "spot" button allows you to find sites near the area. Double-click to see historical information on the each site.
The site with the sign "old photo" shows the old pictures of the site from the Edo period


The "camera" button and the photo album linked to the sites on Kochizu map

You can take pictures with the "camera" button via each spot guide and save them in the album linked to the site on the map


English-Japanese auto switch

The language setting automatically switches to fit your iPhone preferences


Title: TOKYO Kochizu

Release date: 2010. 10.7

Price: 450 yen

Device: iPhone or iPod touch

Category: Navigation

Languages: English/ Japanese

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

OS: Requires OS 3.1 or later

■ Important Notes
- iOS4 operation checked, display optimized for the device before iPhone 3GS
- GPS may not detect current location when the app is used on iPod Touch
- The location on the Kochizu map is not 100% accuracy guarantee
- The internet connection is required to view TOKYO Kochizu, which may take a few seconds to open


cooperation : Jinbunsha Co., Ltd