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Update: iPadApp"booclock"ver1.1

Added the illustration newly.

iPadApp"booclock" Release:

We are happy to announce the release of iPhone App "TOKYO Kochizu"
For details please see: iPadApp"booclock"

Update: iPhoneApp"TOKYO Kochizu"ver1.1.0

The startup error confirmed on iPhone 3G and iPod touch has been resolved.

Error with iPhoneApp"TOKYO Kochizu"on iPhone 3G:

An error has been confirmed that the App will not start on iPhone 3G.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
Please wait till the bugfix version 1.1.0 is released before downloading.

iPhoneApp"TOKYO Kochizu" Release:

We are happy to announce the release of iPhone App "TOKYO Kochizu"
For details please see: iPhoneApp"TOKYO Kochizu"

Hello world! We are Bolabolab:

Bolabolab is a creative laboratory that aims to explore the way of communication between people and media and give it a fresh approach by introducing new ways of interaction through various projects.

tokyo_kochuzu_icon.jpgtokyo_kochuzu_icon.jpgiPhone APP
TOKYO kochizu

Take a virtual walk in the city of Edo on "TOKYO Kochizu" and rediscover Tokyo! Take TOKYO Kochizu, slip back in time, and feel the old streets of Edo...

booclock_icon.jpgbooclock_icon.jpgiPad APP

"booclock" is a time-themed iPad art book. To look at the town on the trip, will you imagine the world while looking consult one's watch?

about bolabo_logo.png ( bolabo.lab )

Bolabolab is a content production group that focuses on the study of the characteristics of new media, and developing contents inspired by the studies. By finding the comfortable balance between media and contents and comparing such new ways of interaction, we seek to develop contents that encourage unique interaction between people and media. Having close connection with artists, designers and engineers, we also explore various fields of interest in order to introduce new ideas and viewpoints that transcend the creative borders.